Velvet Dolls

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Velvet Dolls Ragdoll Cattery

   **Our waitlist is currently closed.  It will reopen in the winter of 2024** 

    Welcome to Velvet Dolls Ragdoll Cattery.  We are located just south of Boston, Massachusetts.  We breed TICA registered purebred traditional and mink Ragdoll cats right underfoot in our home. Our journey into breeding began in early 2020, during the downtime of the pandemic.  It had been a long-time dream of ours, but the pandemic offered the extra time we needed to educate ourselves on breeding, breed standard, and the care of kittens. 

    In late 2020 we purchased our King Harrison and our two Queens, Annabelle and Juliette.  At the end of 2021 we added Queen Melody. We intentionally stay a small cattery so that we can give the time and focused attention to each of our cats and kittens.  Great socialization from the start is of utmost importance here at Velvet Dolls.  There is also no use of cages as our home is designed around our cats and kittens needs. We pride ourselves on being an ethical breeder.  We believe in transparency between our cattery and the families we are selling to.  We breed our cats when their bodies are ready, and when they have had adequate time to recover and get extra love after their previous litter.  This may mean that our wait is a bit longer, but we believe in doing what is best for our cats, dictated by our cats only.  

    Ragdolls are known for their sweet personalities, their floppy nature, their large size and their stunning eyes!  They are often called the "puppy dogs" of the cat world.  They love to be with their human family members, often cuddled up being held like a baby!  They won the title of "Most Popular Breed" from Cat Fanciers Association for 2020 and are recognized as a top breed for emotional support cats.   We can be reached at to answer any questions and discuss kitten availability. Please use the links below to view our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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