Velvet Dolls

A Ragdoll Cattery

The "whole kit and caboodle"....what is included with your kitten:


 **Currently our waitlist is closed.  It will reopen in the winter of 2024.**

Our kittens not only go home well socialized but here is a list of what you can expect included in our pricing:

  • Both parents are genetically screened using the Wisdom Panel and have negative results for 50 inherited diseases including HCM and PKD.
  • Both parents are tested for FelV/FIV as well as internal and external parasites. 
  • Testing each litter for internal parasites through stool sample testing at 8 weeks.
  • They will receive both their 8 and 12 week distemper vaccinations as well as have 2 comprehensive vet examinations. 
  • A health guarantee that covers not only genetic conditions but also FIP.
  • Each kitten will be spayed or neutered and given time to heal before heading to your home between 12 and 14 weeks of age. 
  • TICA registration.
  • 30 days of free full coverage pet insurance through Trupanion Pet Insurance. (Exclusions apply to residents of NY)
  • Pictures, pictures and more pictures.  We love documenting our babies growing up and send pictures and videos frequently throughout your wait.
  • A welcome home bag filled with goodies!


        Pricing for our kittens range from $2,500 to $2,700.  We do not sell breeding/show rights.  Our price point gets reassessed at the very beginning of the calendar year.  If you have been quoted a price, that price is valid for 1 year from that documented conversation.  We do offer discounts for families purchasing more than one baby at a time.  

***Other important information***:

       We do not ship kittens or our retired breeders in any way.  Pick up is at our home which is just 30 minutes south of Boston, Ma and easily accessible by Route 24. If you so choose to fly to Boston to pick up your kitten, I can meet you at Logan Airport.

      We do not do a typical waiting list where you pay money to secure your place in line.  As we are a small cattery, I don't feel the need to take anyone's money until kittens have arrived and they have had time to grow into their coloring and personality.  After I get to know you and your family and we agree that a kitten from Velvet Dolls is the right fit for you, you can request to be placed on our free "List of Interest".  This list is for families that would like to be contacted when a litter is available that they may choose from. The family will be told which order they will be to pick a kitten and when the kittens are 6 weeks old the family can place a deposit to secure their baby.  Our deposits are $200 and are nonrefundable unless there is a health concern at the 8 week vet examination.  If you change your mind about your kitten for whatever reason, you may place your deposit on hold and transfer it to a kitten in a future litter.  This transfer of a deposit is only allowed one time.  After that the deposit will be forfeited. 

      The most important piece of information about our cattery is that we are a completely CLOSED CATTERY.  This means that we do not allow visitors to our cats or kittens.  This is not only due to Covid, but also to protect our babies from germs, parasites and unnecessary stress.  Know that your baby will be safe and protected right up until they are placed in your loving arms. Do not worry though, we send lots of pictures and videos!  We also do video chats!


***We reserve the right to terminate any sale, at any time, for reasons that do not have to be disclosed.  In this event, the deposit will be returned.***