Velvet Dolls

A Ragdoll Cattery

King Harrison

Harrison is the only male in the Velvet Dolls breeding program.  He is a blue mitted traditional Ragdoll.  He's extremely affectionate and has a great Ragdoll personality!

Queen Annabelle

Queen Annabelle was the mother of our very first litter at Velvet Dolls.  She is a DNA proven lilac mitted mink tortie.  She truly loves being a mother and is very nurturing, not only to her babies but also to the other cats in our home.  

Queen Juliette

Juliette mothered our second litter that we had at Velvet Dolls.  She is a seal mink ragdoll with stunning aqua blue eyes.  She is so sweet, always looking for a cuddle and a back scratch. 

Queen Melody

Queen Melody is our newest Queen here at Velvet Dolls.  She came to us from Royal Sapphire Cattery.  We were very lucky to be trusted to care for this beauty. Not only is she stunning but she's just as loving and full of personality that we could hope for.